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The Shen Clinic has developed its own range of very high quality herbal complexes.

Containing only western herbal ingredients they have proven to be invaluable in clinical use. Normally only available to patients at the Shen, these complexes are now offered to you on line. Remember, in the use of all herbal complex remedies quantity is important, but more important is quality and ratio.

Our PLUS range contains compatible blended herbs, thoughtfully prepared for the purpose of treating the whole person, as opposed to the treatment of single organs or conditions. Herbal complexes can be very powerful when optimum ratios of herbs are achieved.

Ingredients are of the highest quality, selected and integrity tested on our behalf by herbal pharmacy.

"When it has to be effective, it has to be Vital Meridian-Plus Complexes from The Shen Clinic"

Meridi-E Stress Regulator - ginseng/plus
Meridi-Guard Immune Strengthener - echinacea /plus
Meridi-Fem Female Support - don quai/plus
Meridi-D`Liv Liver Support/Detox - milk thistle /plus
Meridi-Balance Hormonal Regulator HRT alternative - black cohosh /plus
Meridi-Life Mood Regulator - St Johns wort /plus
Meridi-D Digestive Support - dandelion /plus
Meridi-Calm Anti Inflammatory (non steroid) - devils claw/ plus
Meridi-Male Prostate inflammation (benign cases only) -nettle root/ plus
Meridi-Circ Circulation Blood Pressure stabiliser - hawthorn /plus
Meridi-Lieve Silycin (natural asprin) - white willow /plus
Meridi-Flow Muscle Relaxant - californian poppy/plus
Meridi-Cerib Brain Function - ginko bilabo /plus

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