The French Paradox?

“The French consume high amounts of saturated fat and yet they have comparatively low incidents of heart disease.  The Swiss also consume high amounts of saturated fat, and they also have comparatively low incidents of heart disease.   The French Paradox credits this to the consumption of red wine.  However, a long time ago it entered my mind that plenty of other countries also drink a lot of red wine, but don’t seem to have the same low incidents of heart disease as the French, (or Swiss).  Could saturated fat be playing a significant role in the French Paradox, and not necessarily just red wine? or maybe a bit of both?”    

“I am bored with knowledge, the known, and the ignorance generated by it.  My fascination is with the new, and I am driven to carry out an assault on this abundance of ignorance.”  
Mike Lambert – The Shen Clinic 


Mike Lambert.

In 2006 Mike Lambert was selected as a member of an E.U. research team for Health (Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Biological Medicine, Natural Medicine, Oriental Medicine).

This team was headed by Dr Gabriella Hegyi MD PhD University of Budapest, - University of Pecs Hungary.

In 2007 Mike was a welcomed and listed participant in the Co-Reach Conference (EU and China) hosted by the Royal Society London.

He collaborates with those at the cutting edge in the exploration of natural and alternative solutions to those being offered by conventional orthodox medicine, and its symptom based, drug driven approach.

As a multidiscipline practitioner he is a sought after research partner who enjoys the challenge of expanding the boundaries of medicine and human potential.

Mike campaigns for the Humanisation of Medicine and the eradication of what he feels are often barbaric treatments given to cancer patients.

Rachel Lambert-Smith.

Rachel graduated with distinction in 1995 from the Northern College of Acupuncture, and carried out her clinical training under the direction of Dr Han Li Ping (formerly of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Beijing).

As an accredited member of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Rachel is also part of the UK-China Consortium for collaboration and research.

Having carried out 1,000's of treatments for GP's and the medical profession, along with her busy private practice, Rachel is one of the most experienced acupuncturists working today. 

"Life Could Get Better"

What do we do?  

We specialise in Complementary and Alternative Medicine the definition of which follows:

“The term Complementary and Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) refers to any therapy that is not provided by orthodox health practitioners such as doctors, dentists and nurses.  The Cochrane Collaboration defines C.A.M. as a broad domaine of healing resources that encompasses all health systems, modalities, practices and their accompanying theories and beliefs, other than those intrinsic to the politically dominant health systems of a particular society or culture in any given historic period.  C.A.M. is understood to mean therapies that are presented as an option to conventional or Western medical treatment (orthodox).  

For example - when cancer patients choose not to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and instead follow a special dietary regime.” 

What is generally referred to as Natural - Complementary and Alternative Medicines are in fact therapies of proven or unproven efficacy that have been used both historically and now progressively to promote health and wellness.  More and more of these therapies are gaining credibility as people wake up to the fact that on the basis of cause and effect (if we do this we get this) in many cases they may be clinically verifiable. 

Almost on a daily basis revelations regarding the dangers of orthodox medical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs are coming to light, the most recent being the dangerous legacy we now face through the over-use of Antibiotics, has driven many people back towards Natural Medicines and Therapies.  In fact many natural therapies may be more effective than drug-therapy or surgery for some conditions and are much, much safer.  

However, mainstream medical care rarely supports non-drug approaches so you should also explore the alternatives before committing yourself to a therapeutic strategy.  You should always discuss your choices with an appropriately qualified and competent practitioner.

In 2008 we were visiting guests at the world famous Peto Institute Budapest and we continue to be supporters of Conductive Education.   At that time we discussed an in-principle but favourable collaboration between the Peto Institute and The Shen Clinic. 

What sort of things might we be able to help.?

We are not medical doctors, but In many ways we see people for the same or similar reasons and conditions that you would see your GP and that is for a very broad and diverse range of problems with an emphasis on chronic conditions and illnesses.  There is no doubt that Orthodox medicine has made incredible progress in dealing with acute conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and life-saving surgery, but many would agree that orthodox medicine is lacking when it comes to addressing many chronic conditions for which in the main it can only offer drugs, and these drugs often bring damaging if not fatal side-effects.  

For a third of the worlds population Oriental and Traditional Natural Medicine offers a comprehensive healthcare system in its own right, and its popularity is rapidly growing.

We pride ourselves for our responsible approach as to what falls within our capabilities, and we know when we should refer to others, including orthodox medicine.

Between 8-9 million people within the UK alone are now regular users of C.A.M. and many see it as their chosen healthcare preference.

Traditional Medicine (C.A.M.) has for thousands of years been the main medicine and healthcare system of the world’s population and is still the first choice of over 3 billion people globally.  It also brings the benefits in some cases of over 3,000 years of clinical observations, compared to the 100 years or less of orthodox medicine.

Over the past 100 years the world has been dominated by the mechanical political for-profit drug driven system of orthodox medicine.  However, this is changing as more and more people are becoming better informed they realise that there could be natural and sometimes more effective ways of dealing with their problems which in some cases are much, much safer than drugs and surgery, and many other scientifically unproven medical procedures.

The World Health Organisations recognises C.A.M. as being effective in dealing with some chronic illnesses and conditions many of which are considered to be beyond the reach of orthodox medicine.

The Shen Clinic is playing a major role in the modernisation of Traditional Medicine (C.A.M.) and in some areas we are leading the way. 

What we don’t do..

congratulate ourselves for just removing symptoms, for a start.  Symptoms are telling you something is wrong and pain is an example of this.  If you were driving your car along the motorway and your engine warning light came on, would you stop the car, remove the bulb and then continue to drive it?  Well, that’s exactly what is happening in many cases when symptoms are masked with drugs, or in many cases removed by manipulation and the like.

You have to resolve the underlying cause, then the symptom should disappear, naturally.  Tragically, many practitioners both orthodox and complementary congratulate themselves for removing the symptom without addressing the cause, and this could allow the un-expressed underlying cause to go elsewhere in the body and manifest later as something more serious and at a site away from the original problem as the unresolved underlying cause seeks to express itself, and the motto of the drug company cartels seems to be “There’s no profit in cure”.

We never make claims or guarantees relating to diagnosis, treatments or cures, interfere with prescribed medicines, or breach confidentialities, we do not attempt to keep people away from doctors, drugs or surgery whenever they are needed.  In fact as a matter of good practise, we encourage you to always talk to your GP regarding your condition to enable you to make an informed choice.   You should always consult your doctor if you have any health concerns or issues, without delay.

The content of this site is for information, education and discussion purposes only. You should always verify any of its content with a suitably qualified and competent person, or organisation. If you have any health problems or concerns you should always discuss these with a doctor or appropriate medical practitioner. No site content is for diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure. Never embark upon any form of self treatment that is not under the immediate supervision of an appropriately qualified medical / healthcare practitioner.

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