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Sperovine ® (Resveratrol-V30) x 60 Capsules


Sperovine ®  (Resveratrol-V30)

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The formula contained in Sperovine® is different from most other resveratrol products.

The grapevine has played an enormous role in our evolution.

It has been well documented throughout recorded history in civilizations such as the Babylonians, Assyrians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

It is mentioned more than any other plant in religious scriptures, and continues to be the subject of scientific documentation today.


What is it about the grapevine that sets it apart from other plants?


Studies show that plants have the capability to polymerize the natural bioactive Trihydroxystibene resveratrol into a host of complex oligomers.  In recent years these resveratrol oligomers have been given a considerable amount of attention by researchers particularly those with an interest in natural products.

There have been several animal studies in recent years with Resveratrol oligomers-monomers and e-Viniferin extracted from Vine-shoots.  These animal studies have been carried out independently of each other at leading European Institutions.   China has also carried out animal studies with resveratrol oligomers – monomers – epsilon.viniferin.

Why are vine-shoot derivatives different ?

Grapevine-shoots from the plant species Vitis Vinifera, from the Bordeaux region of France are rich in resveratrol oligomers and monomers.

The grapevine itself contains the stilbene derivatives trans-resveratrol, epsilon-viniferin, and other resveratrol oligomers, and monomers.  These compounds are low molecular phenolics, which act in the grapevine as an anti-fungal.   Although they are transported by the vine-shoots to the grape skin (fruit), the greater yield of resveratrol oligomers-monomers are to be found in the vine-shoots themselves, which contain the sap.   The process used to extract these vine-shoot derivatives, preserves the quality of the resveratrol oligomers-monomers –e-viniferin, contained in the vine-shoot.  Sperovine contains a vine-shoot derivative formula consisting of > 30% resveratrol oligomers-monomers, epsilon-viniferin at 5%, trans-resveratrol  at 5%.  (In comparison, most other formulas are composed of polyphenols and trans-resveratrol from polygonums, and offer no e-viniferin at all).

Resveratrol derivatives found in the woody parts of the grapevine which include the vine-shoots are at a concentration of 1000 times greater than those found in the grape skin. The origin of resveratrol derivatives in wine is most likely due to the extraction from grape skin occurring during alcoholic fermentation. Grape-stems are also a potential source of resveratrol derivatives in red wine. The amount of stems in the fermentation process depends upon the method of wine-making being practised: for example manual or mechanical harvesting, destemming or not. An old wine-making practise which is still widely used even in stainless steel tanks consists of putting a bundle of vine shoot at the bottom of the tank. It is used as a filter before the bottom valve. The presence of vine-shoots which contain a large amount of resveratrol derivatives can also contribute to resveratrol derivatives in red wine.

Sperovine – Formerly Sperovine and known by other names such as Salvestrol, Resveratrol and Vineatrol

New Vine-Shoots 2015 photo: Mike Lambert – The Shen Clinic

The grapevine itself is rich in the stilbene derivatives; trans-resveratrol, epsilon-viniferin, and other resveratrol oligomers – monomers.   It is the vine-shoots that then pass on some of these derivatives to the grape (fruit).   However, as the greater ratio of these derivatives seem to be found in the plant, vine-shoots (plant extracts), and less in the grape (fruit extracts), this does seem to suggest that plant-shoot extracts, could be a far superior source of these derivatives compared to those from fruit extracts. This possibility entered our minds a long time ago, taking both our attention and interest away from fruit extracts. We do not offer any products with resveratrol derivatives from fruit extracts.

First Choice >   Sperovine is the only resveratrol product we offer.


Vegetable Cellulose, Veggie Capsule, Vineatrol30®, Magnesium Stearate (Veg.),  Silicon Dioxide.

What are these?

* Cellulose vegetable: is a natural dietary fibre that keeps your digestive tract in good working order.  This is one of the reasons why vegetables are good for your health. As with other types of fibre, such as pectin from fruit, cellulose is often extracted from plants, including tree bark, and is used as a food additive.  Vegetable Cellulose is natural and considered safe.

* Veggie Capsule:  These are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

* Vineatrol30® is a standardised vine-shoot formula consisting of: Resveratrol oligomers-monomers > 30%  e-Viniferin > 5%  Trans-resveratrol > 5% (Vineatrol30® is classified as a food ingredient and complies with European Law in respect of its production and composition, and is therefore legally marketable).

This is an extract from the certification of Free Sale:

Certificate of Free Sale
Lfd.- Nr. 11/084

Herewith I certify that the product


Grapevine extract containing resveratrol monomers and oligomers is a food ingredient and complies with the German and European Food Law in respect to its production and composition and is therefore legally marketable.

Dr. Sabina Schneider

Food Chemistry expert, publically appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Munich and Upper Bavaria

Full certificate available to view on request.

* Magnesium Stearate (Veg) Magnesium stearate is most commonly used in the manufacture of supplements as a ‘flow agent,’ which helps ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and the ingredients stay blended together in the correct proportions.   Stearic acid is abundant in; beef, coconut oil, coconut butter, cocoa and other natural foods – stearic acid is a long-chain saturated fat.  Magnesium Stearate is a salt that binds these two elements.

* Silicon dioxide is added to powdered foods and other health food supplements to keep other ingredients from binding together. Silicon Dioxide is a trace mineral found naturally in many plant foods.

This refers to consumer levels of ingredients.  Some authors are misleading by quoting industrial levels.

All ingredients meet UK Food Standards Agency requirements

For information purposes only. You should always verify this information with a suitably qualified person or organisation.

Best Before Dates:

These dates are estimated by the manufacture and are about quality not safety. The product typically, just begins to gradually lose some quality, over time, following this date. Nothing more.

Packaging Information: 

Sperovine is packaged in a foil-fresh, foil lined white glossy pouch which is supplied with a tamper-evident seal, and is re-sealable.  This is light proof, airtight and moisture resistant.   Foil-fresh also protects the product better from temperature variations than any other type of packaging, keeping the product fresh and usable far longer.

Some of the ingredients contained in Sperovine are in limited supply.

To Avoid Disappointment Please Order While Stocks Last

*  Be an informed consumer:  Claims are often made by developers, doctors, celebrities, marketers, profiteers and the unscrupulous that are driven by self-interest, or an agenda.  Remember, many celebrities will not have a clue about the product they are promoting (in real terms), and  medical doctors receive very little or no training at all in nutritional or biological medicine. Do not be led by hype and misinformation, and be wary of anecdotal claims (these can be misleading). Always seek out unbiased information and research, then clarify it with a suitably qualified person or organisation.

*  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or illness.  Neither does it replace medical or specialist advice. If you have any health concerns whatsoever you should talk to your doctor immediately.  Sperovine is a food supplement and is not in itself a substitute for a balanced healthy diet, and lifestyle.  You should always talk to your heath-care practitioner or pharmacist before taking any food supplements including this one, or changing your diet.

* The content of this site is for information and educational purposes only.  You should always verify the content with a suitably qualified person or organisation.

About us:

We have been around resveratrol products since 2000.  In 2011 we stopped offering any products that obtain their resveratrol derivatives from fruit extracts, having chosen in favour of vine-shoot derivatives.  This we feel this was the right choice for us.
To keep ourselves up to speed, we remain in the loop with those in Europe, and beyond, who are at the cutting edge of research into the vine-shoot resveratrol derivatives > oligomers-monomers – e.viniferin.

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