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CoQ10 Ubiquinone C-M


Co-Enzyme Q10. x 120 Capsules

• Q10 can support the production of cellular energy 
• Q10 is often referred to as an energy ‘spark-plug’.  
• Q10 may be beneficial for those taking statin drugs.

(Do not reduce or stop taking your medication)



Co-Q10 – an energy ‘spark-plug’

We use the Ubiquinone form of Co-Q10 because this was the form used in virtually all published papers.   Ubiquinone Co-Q10 is a fat-soluble nutrient found naturally in the mitochondria (powerhouse) of every cell in the human body. It is often referred to as a ‘spark-plug’ that triggers cells to produce more energy. Every cell requires this source of energy for its survival.

Ubiquinone > < Ubiquinol

It is accepted that once in the body Ubiquinone can be easily converted to Ubiquinol, and vice-versa, as required.

The body produces Co Enzyme Q10 to support the organs that require the most energy, these include; the heart, liver, kidneys and muscles.  

Q10 acts as an electron acceptor or donor in the chain of reactions that lead to energy production.

Why supplement with Co Enzyme Q10 ?

The ageing process reduces the body’s natural production of Co Enzyme Q10, which can deplete our energy levels and leave us feeling lethargic and possibly irritable.  As our modern-day diets and lifestyle may not be what it should be, and demands put upon us are ever increasing, people often find that supplementation can be beneficial in replenishing the body’s supply of Q10.

Co Enzyme Q10 supplements are particularly popular with those who take statins, which are known to block the body’s natural production of Co Enzyme Q10. (Do NOTreduce or stop taking your medication)

Daily Amounts

Our Natural-Source Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg (suitable for vegetarians and vegans) is manufactured to the highest standards and quality, and could be useful for those looking to provide their basic dietary needs.

Some leading medical biologists suggest that those with greater needs, may benefit by taking lower amounts of Q10 (30mg) up to four times daily, or as adivised by their healthcare practitioner or pharmacist. There may be other factors involved in getting the best out of Q10.

One could be that absorbance may not necessarily be the same as use.

Our suggested serving is 1-4 tablets daily.

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