Some Wrong Statements about Resveratrol

It is possible to produce resveratrol from red wine:  > WRONG
To produce 1 kg of an extract containing 5% resveratrol, you need 10,000 litre of red wine.

It is possible to produce resveratrol from grape:  > WRONG
The resveratrol content of grape extracts is between 100 to 2500 ppm, 20 times less than Vineatrol®

It is possible to produce a grape extract containing only trans-resveratrol:  > WRONG

 Epsilon-viniferin is the main metabolite of resveratrol produced by Vitis Vinifera.

All the extracts of the plant Vitis Vinifera which contain resveratrol, also contain epsilon-viniferin: for example red wine, grape extracts, Grape Vine Resveratrol.

The separation of Resveratrol and epsilon-viniferin is very hard and is only possible by preparative HPLC.

In a Vitis Vinifera extract, the epsilon-viniferin content must be higher than 0.2 times (minimum, than that of the resveratrol content. If not, the extract obviously contains additional T-Resveratrol from another source.

*For information and Education purposes only.  You should always verify any of this information.